Road transportation


We can organize fast and cheap road transportation of any cargo to any European destinations in a short time. This is the most popular type of transportation and the largest part of the international logistics due to the price and reliability.

There are several factors explaining why road transportation is so commonly used: extensive road networks anywhere in the world, high traffic capacity for complex sections of the route, door-to-door delivery, availability for all types of cargo, affordability, sufficient delivery speed, possibility to send a small batch in a consolidated container, constant monitoring by satellites.

All types of cargo can be transported by road: bulk, fluid, oversized, hazardous or consolidated goods. Trucks are commonly used to deliver food, pharmaceuticals, home appliances, furniture, plumbing fixtures, building materials, cars etc.

  • Cargo transportation in tilt and all-metal semi-trailers and articulated lorries ranging from 86 to 120 cu. m. (FTL);
  • Consolidated cargo transportation (LTL);
  • Cargo storing;
  • Transport and export documentation handling;
  • Door-to-door delivery;
  • Cargo insurance.