We offer the full range of logistics services.

  • Foreign economic activity

Search for suppliers, reliability check and product quality assurance, regular supplies, customs clearance and release of goods for the free circulation. Our experts facilitate business in any countries.

  • International cargo transportation

We carry out cargo transportation by any means of transport from anywhere in the world. 4-Logistics has own fleet of vehicles. These is no need to look for any intermediaries, which can significantly reduce your transportation costs.

  • Consolidated cargo delivery

Call us or use online application form to find out the nearest time of shipment from any country.

  • Customs clearance

We accept all cargoes from legal entities for customs clearance.

  • Proof of customs value

Our customs broker will handle all the necessary documentation to release your goods for the free circulation at the territory of the importing country. Make your request in advance to avoid any mistakes and delays.

  • Warehousing

4-Logistics has warehouses in Germany, Turkey, Italy, Lithuania and China. They are equipped with the modern European equipment and accurate accounting systems. Personnel speaks three languages.

We have customs and certification departments at the territory of the warehouses, where you can get all necessary documentation quickly and without standing in lines.

  • Business in China

Outsourcing of foreign financial activity with regards to special requirements of Chinese entrepreneurs. Business consultants of 4-Logistics will find reliable suppliers for you and accompany your business until the thorough fulfillment of the contract obligations by all parties.

  • Certification
  • Financial support

We offer credit lines and intermediary banking services accompanying large contracts.

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