4-Logistics is a dynamically developing company with focus on freight forwarding services. We offer cargo transportation by all means of transport as well as customs clearance, warehousing and full documentary support.

Wide range of services, extensive geography, personal solutions and thorough knowledge of local markets give us the opportunity to offer competitive cargo transportation solutions for companies occupied in different industries.

You can multiply your competitive advantages by trusting us with transportation process.

You can enhance your economic efficiency by:

  • Not having your own transport, logistics or dispatching service;
  • Taking advantages of our personal approach to each client and cargo;
  • Route optimization;
  • Purchasing the full range of services in one place – 4-Logistics;
  • Competitive prices and conditions.

You can guarantee the highest quality to your partners thanks to:

  • Cargo safety guarantees and compliance with all rules, regulations and deadlines provided by 4-Logistics
  • Full financial responsibility of 4-Logistics
  • The highest level of qualification of 4-Logistics employees
  • Comprehensive information regarding the transportation provided by 4-Logistics
  • High business reputation of 4-Logistics

You can develop your business:

  • 4-Logistics has a large-scale transportation geography
  • 4-Logistics has extensive experience and knowledge of local markets
  • 4-Logistics can solve many constantly changing problems
  • 4-Logistics is focused on the continuous improvement

Thanks to our vast experience we can offer you the best solution for cargo transportation from anywhere in the world with minimum costs. We guarantee the highest quality, reliability and on-time delivery!

Multiply your competitive advantages by trusting us with transportation process!